2018 Herb Day at Olbrich Gardens

Sunday, June 10, 2018 10am-4pm At Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin.

We are very excited to say we are back for another year and will have an inspiring line-up of classes and herb walks for kids and adults going on all day long! Thank you to our Wisconsin Herbalists who have volunteered to teach this year. The event and classes are free for the day, in celebration of herbs!

Local, small, artisan businesses with an herbal bent will be selling their plants, tinctures, salves & soaps in the Herbal Marketplace, so do bring a little money with you for something special. There will be herbalists present who offer herbal education opportunities, and local herbal organizations to find out about… so exciting!

Stay tuned for the program of classes. We will post it here as soon as it is finalized. And if you have a business and would like to be a part of the Herbal Marketplace, contact Kathrine at kathrine.alexander.bsn@gmail.com.


Sunday, June 25, 2017, 10 am – 4 pm at Olbrich Botanical Garden                                 To see a video about Herb Day 2014 click here.   

Bring your kids, friends and family and come celebrate medicinal herbs and plants with us! Free classes indoors, and herb walks in the garden are featured all day. Shop the Herbal Marketplace between your chosen events for herbal teas, tinctures, salves, soaps, plants and books. Free admission for everyone! Rain or Shine!
Any questions? contact Kate McFeeley  kkmcfeeley@gmail.com

Rise and Shine with Spring Tonics


Monday, May 18  |  6 PM
at the Pinney Branch Library, 204 Cottage Grove Rd., Madison

Spring engages our senses, inspiring us to stretch and move after a long winter of stagnation. This May, join herbalists from the Madison Herbal Institute for a panel discussion on herbal spring tonics to find out how plants support us in this seasonal change. David Milbradt will contrast Winter, Spring and Summer energetics and talk about how the Chinese concept of the liver is related to growth and renewal. Kathrine Alexander will give a Western approach to clearing winter stagnation focusing on how to use what grows in your yard.

Spring seed and seedling exchange



Monday, April 20                                                                                                            6PM at the Pinney Library on Cottage Grove Rd.

To celebrate spring’s awakening, the Madison Herbal Institute is hosting a seed and seedlings swap. This year, we ask those who bring seeds and seedlings to share how they start their seeds, and to enlighten us with their stories of gardening and seed saving. We hope you’ll join us for an evening of laughter, lively personalities, tea and tales.

March meeting

Rose Casy


Monday, March 16, 6PM at Pinney Library on Cottage Grove Rd                                  “Topical Herbal Applications”       presented by Rose Casey

Herbs can be used internally and externally. Tonight we will focus on the external or topical use of herbs. Learn how to prepare and use herbs in a wide array of applications, i.e. facial toners, eyewashes, cleansing scrubs, salves, poultices, and more. Tonight’s class will focus on several herbs and ways to prepare and use them topically on the body as a useful method for absorbing their healing properties. Your personal stories on how you use the plants topically will enrich our evening together.

February meeting

Kathy Eich 3

Monday, February 16, 6PM at the Pinney Library on Cottage Gove Rd.                 Presented by herbalist Kathy Eich                                                                                Plants for the Lymphatic System and It’s Role As the 5th Humor

The lymphatic system and herbs that support it are a mystery to many. But understanding this fascinating system, and using it as a window into dysfunctions of the immune system, reproductive system, circulatory system, digestive system and eliminatory system can be enlightening.

In her talk, Kathy will give a brief Materia medica of plants for good lymphatic health, and describe what an herbal alterative is. She will address common maladies of the lymphatic system, such as poor immunity, hemorrhoids, and breast tenderness and swelling, as well as some less common issues, like swelling of the spleen and malabsorption syndrome. Herbal strategies will be mentioned for each.

January meeting

Dave pic 2

Tuesday, January 20, 6PM at Pinney Branch Library on Cottage Grove Rd                      “Fabulous Fungi” presented by David LaLuzerne                                                           Fungi are everywhere in our world, from the mushrooms that are part of our diet, to dyes used for making our clothes colorful, to digesting oil spills and also for medicines to keep us healthy. Herbal pharmacist David LaLuzerne will present a slide show to show you all the wonderful ways that fungi are important for a healthy life. You’ll be amazed at the many ways fungi make our world a better place to live. (Please note the Tuesday date instead of the usual Monday.)