About Madison Herbal Institute

The Madison Herbal Institute  (MHI) has been growing organically since 1999. It blossomed from an herbal study group with the intention of providing herbal education services for the increasing number of herbal enthusiasts in our area. MHI’s Board of Directors are Kathy Eich, Jane Hawley-Stevens, David Milbradt, Kathrine Alexander, David LaLuzerne, Rose Casey and Stacy Levin.

Regular meetings of MHI are held on the 2nd or 3rd Monday of every month. In the warm months, meetings are usually herbwalks. Join our listserve at www.groups.google.com to receive scheduling information. Or check back to this website.


5 thoughts on “About Madison Herbal Institute

    • Hi Annie,

      I just saw this–I am so sorry! Madison Herbal Institute is dissolving but a local chapter of the American Herbal Guild is forming and will have events and meetings. Here’s their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/SoWisAHG/ If you’re looking for classes you can check out Red Root Mountain or Kathleen Wildwood on the internet.

      Definitely go to Herb Day–it’s a great event!

    • Hi Annie, thanks for your interest in the Madison Herbal Institute. MHI is in the process of dissolving. Herb Day will be our last event. However a local chapter of the American Herbal Guild is forming in it’s place and there are many great teachers in the area. I am in the process of getting the contact information for this group and will pass it on when I have it. There will be a plant walk led by Matthew Wood (very exciting!) at the Token Creek Conservancy on Tue., May 23, 6:30-9 pm along with a book signing event and talk at Threshold on Wed., May 24, 6-9 pm. If you have questions about this event you can contact Jean Schneider at nativamedica@gmail.com.

      I hope you get to enjoy Matt’s event.
      Stacy, MHI

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