February meeting

Kathy Eich 3

Monday, February 16, 6PM at the Pinney Library on Cottage Gove Rd.                 Presented by herbalist Kathy Eich                                                                                Plants for the Lymphatic System and It’s Role As the 5th Humor

The lymphatic system and herbs that support it are a mystery to many. But understanding this fascinating system, and using it as a window into dysfunctions of the immune system, reproductive system, circulatory system, digestive system and eliminatory system can be enlightening.

In her talk, Kathy will give a brief Materia medica of plants for good lymphatic health, and describe what an herbal alterative is. She will address common maladies of the lymphatic system, such as poor immunity, hemorrhoids, and breast tenderness and swelling, as well as some less common issues, like swelling of the spleen and malabsorption syndrome. Herbal strategies will be mentioned for each.